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Member Questions

Getting Started

Thank you for joining Allwell from Sunshine Health. We are looking forward to starting a new journey with you. Your plan coverage will start on January 1. As a new member you will receive materials from us, such as:

  • A new Membership ID Card
  • Explanation of Coverage
  • Summary of Benefits
  • List of Drugs (Formulary) 

You can ask questions and get support from our Member Services team 7 days a week. Here are some ways you can contact us.

1-877-935-8022; (TTY: 711)

Allwell from Sunshine Health
1301 International Parkway, Suite 400
Sunrise, FL 33323

Create or log into your online member account to send secure messages.

Creating an account is easy! Just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Member Login
  2. Search for your member information by entering your Medicare Advantage ID number. This number can be found on your Allwell ID card.  
  3. Register your account by entering your email address and choose a password. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. You will also receive an email to verify your account and to complete your account registration.
  4. Once you've verified your account, you can then choose your preferred language and add answers to the secret questions you pick. These questions will help you access your account if you forget your password. When you are done, click "Next" to finish your account registration.

Once your account has been created, you can use your member account to:

  • View your plan benefits and claims information.
  • Get a replacement ID card.
  • Search or select a primary care provider (PCP).
  • Send or receive secure messages about your plan coverage.

If you have questions setting up or logging into your account, please contact Member Services. We are here to help!

For certain kinds of drugs, you can use our mail-order services. Generally, the drugs provided through mail-order (MO) are drugs that you take on a regular basis for a chronic or long-term medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The drugs available through our plan’s mail-order service are marked as “mail-order or MO” in our List of Drugs (Formulary).

Our plan’s mail-order service allows you to order up to a 90-day supply. To get order forms and information about filling your prescriptions by mail, contact Member Services.

You can authorize anyone (like a relative, friend, advocate, an attorney, or a doctor) to act as your representative and file an appeal or ask for a coverage decision on your behalf. Just complete an Appointment of Representative form (PDF) and follow the instructions on where to send it.

Visit our Appeals and Grievances web page for more information about this form and how to authorize a representative.

How to Get Care

Your PCP is your main doctor. Your PCP should know your complete medical history to evaluate changes in your health. You can visit your PCP for sick and well visits. Your PCP will also help with coordinating other services, such as seeing a specialist or having a procedure in a hospital or an outpatient facility.

If you don't have a PCP, here are ways to choose one:

  1. Use our Find a Provider tool to find an in-network provider and contact Member Services with your selection.
  2. Or, you can just call us! Member Services will help you find a PCP.

If you already have a PCP:

That’s great! You may want to contact Member Services or use our Find a Provider tool to make sure your PCP is in our network. If your PCP is not in our network, don’t worry, we will work with you to make sure you are assigned a PCP that is in our network.

Deciding where to go for care can sometimes be confusing. For non-emergency illness or injury, call your PCP, contact the 24/7 nurse advice line or visit an in-network urgent care facility. If you feel you are experiencing a life-threatening condition, go to the emergency room (ER).

See below to help you decide where to go for the care you need.


  • Call Our 24/7 Nurse Advice Line at HMO: 1-877-935-8022; HMO SNP: 1-833-232-9659 (TTY: 711)
    Get quick, reliable answers to your health questions.

  • Call Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)
    Set up an appointment to see your main doctor.

  • Go to In-Network Urgent Care
    Get quickly diagnosed and treated for less serious illnesses or injuries.


You feel you have a life-threatening injury or illness like:

  • Chest pains
  • Bleeding that won’t stop
  • Shortness of breath
  • Broken bones
  • Poisoning
  • Severe cuts or burns

Always follow up with your PCP if you have gone to an emergency room, visited an urgent care facility or had a hospital stay.