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New Medicare Broker Certification Instructions

Welcome to Allwell! We are pleased that you would like the opportunity to sell our MA and MAPD plans. Prior to marketing or selling any Allwell Medicare Product, you MUST follow each step below to ensure accurate completion and efficient processing of your Broker Agreement.

Getting Contracted & Certified

Allwell certifications are transmitted electronically for verification and processing; you are not required to fax or email certification documents. At the completion of both courses below you will be able to print the completion certificates to retain for your records.

Step 1: Submit an Application to Contract with Allwell

You may contract with Allwell to sell MAs/MAPDs as either an Independent Broker or a Selling Agent but not both. To assist you with your application submission, you can now contract with Allwell online.

Start a new online Contracting Account with Allwell

After Broker Contracting Account is created, please log in:

Please noteYour Broker Portal website account access is separate from this online broker registration process and needs to be accessed separately.

Once you have logged into the Broker Contracting Self Service Tool, determine which broker type you are applying for. Allwell identifies brokers as either Business Entity or Individual Selling Agent. Here are the definitions of each:

  • Business Entity – If you intend to sell using your own established entity and Tax Id (i.e. Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation), please select this option.
  • Individual Selling Agent – If you intend to sell using your Individual Name and Social Security Number (SSN), please select this option

Step 2: Take the AHIP Fraud Waste & Abuse and Compliance Exam

  • Go to our AHIP Certification site (even if you have already completed the AHIP Fraud Waste & Abuse and Compliance certification. Further instructions will be provided once you launch Centene's training program site.

  • Take the AHIP Fraud Waste & Abuse and Compliance exam and obtain your AHIP Certification of Completion. Please retain a copy for your records.

Step 3: Complete Centene Certification Training

Important Note - You cannot market or sell any Allwell Medicare Products until your receive a confirmation email from Allwell Broker Contracting acknowledging your application submission and completion of both the Fraud Waste & Abuse and Compliance Exam and the Centene Certification Training.

Getting Help

If you need assistance with the contracting process, please call Medicare Broker Services at: 1-844-202-6811